Terry Lucas and Design Technology Lecturers and Students

Below is a list of courses that I am currently teaching or have taught at the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. I can also offer mini workshops or short courses pertaining to the courses below upon request.

Current Courses (Semester 2 2022/2023)

  1. GKC2184 3D Animation 2
  2. GKC2213 Sound Design for Animation
  3. GKC3234 Final Year Project 2
  4. CLM5064 Technology for Teaching and Learning

Previous Courses (Semester 1 2022/2023)

  1. GKC2033 Video Production
  2. GKC2163 Experimental Animation
  3. GKC3223 Final Year Project 1

Past Courses

  1. GKC1113 3D Modeling
  2. GKC2144 3D Animation 1

Legacy Courses

  1. GKG1064 Elements and Principles of Design
  2. GKG2133 Introduction to Digital Media
  3. GKG3013 Web Design
  4. GKL3034 Design Technology Seminar
  5. GKN2113 Advanced Animation Studio 1
  6. GKN2123 Stop Motion Animation
  7. GKN2133 Post Production Animation
  8. GKN3013 Advanced Animation Studio 2
  9. GKR1053 Design History
  10. GKR3252 Final Year Project 1
  11. GKR3264 Final Year Project 2
  12. GKA3086 Research & Final Year Project
  13. PPD1022 Animation Appreciation

Note: Mini workshops or short courses on Autodesk MAYA, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and HTML & CSS can be made upon request.

Note: To request for my full CV, workshops, or short courses, please visit here.