Terry Lucas and Design Technology Lecturers and Students

Below is a list of courses that I am currently teaching or have taught at the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. I can also offer mini workshops or short courses pertaining to the courses below upon request.

Current Courses (Semester 2 2021/2022)

  1. GKC2184 3D Animation 2
  2. GKN3013 Advanced Animation Studio 2
  3. GKC3234 Final Year Project 2
  4. GKR3264 Final Year Project 2
  5. CLM5064 Technology for Teaching and Learning

Previous Courses (Semester 1 2021/2022)

  1. GKC2144 3D Animation 1
  2. GKC2033 Video Production
  3. GKC2163 Experimental Animation
  4. GKC3223 Final Year Project 1
  5. GKR3264 Final Year Project 2

Past Courses

  1. GKC1113 3D Modeling
  2. GKR1053 Design History
  3. GKG1064 Elements & Principles of Design
  4. GKG2133 Introduction to Digital Media
  5. GKN2123 Stop Motion Animation
  6. GKN2133 Post Production Animation
  7. GKG3013 Web Design
  8. GKL3034 Design Technology Seminar

Legacy Courses

  1. PPD1022 Animation Appreciation
  2. GKA3086 Research & Final Year Project

Note: Mini workshops or short courses on Autodesk MAYA, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and HTML & CSS can be made upon request.

Note: To request for my full CV, workshops, or short courses, please visit here.