Common HTML Errors Made by Beginners

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As a beginner level for HTML, I notice that there are some commons errors that HTML beginners make in creating their web pages. I would like to share these common errors and suggest some possible solutions. Hopefully, some of the answers can solve these issues commonly faced by beginners of HTML.

Issue 1: My image does not appear on my web page.

Possible Solution:

  • Make sure you put the correct image into the correct folder.
  • Make sure the address link/path/directory to the image is correct.
  • Make sure the file name and/or file format of the image is correct. Don’t get confused by “image.jpg” and “image.jpeg”. Be careful when creating image links with file name that contain upper- and lower-case.
  • Make sure not to link using local path directory such as “file:///C:/User/Desktop/DesignTech/Website/profile-photo.jpg”. If you do this, only you can view the image in your computer. Make sure to use “images/profile-photo.jpg” instead. So that it is accessible based on the project folder.

Issue 2: Overall file size of resume folder is too big.

Possible Solution:

  • Crop, resize, and compress your images (artwork, photos, background image, etc.)
  • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Then, embed the video by using the code generated into your web page.

Issue 3: The modification or changes that I made does not appear in my web browser.

Possible Solution:

  • Check if you have viewed the correct HTML file in the web browser. Due to several versions of the same HTML page that you have created, you may be checking the wrong HTML page.

Do let me know if you have other HTML issues, let’s try to find some solutions to them.


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